Puerto Rico (AGAIN)

I need to know some Laws to be aware of.. I found some sites, but i'm having difficulty breaking it down, so i need a site that is pretty easy to comprehend or perhaps maybe u can retype what the site says so that it is easier to comprehend

I also need to know what are some peculiar things to know (ie. which side of the road do you drive on?) I'm having difficulty finding that as well.

just out of curiousity, wouldn't taxes be peculiar things?

(Broken Link Removed)

Residents of Puerto Rico do not pay Federal Income Taxes. It is a big deal for wealthy and middle income folks.

Puerto rico has justed implemented taxes, state and municiple. People are going crasy and business nor the country know how to manage them and its a mess. I am telling you, I live here.

tengo una pregunta pero es en ingles
me pueden ayudar?

tengo una pregunta pero es en ingles
me pueden ayudar?

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asked by Blaine

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