Algebra what I don't undertsand

I followed all of your steps and got the first on perfectly. I followed your steps on S=B+1/2Pl and got it down to 2S-2B=Pl. Then for the next step I want to divide everything but I didn't think that would work. So to be honest I have no idea how to go farther than that.

devide everyting by P, that will get it all by itself.

oops!, that will get I all by itself :)

Ok, so it would be 2S/P-2B/P=l ?

ps 2S/P-2B/P=l looks really strange on screen but in words it would be two s over p minus two b over p equals l

2S-2B/P=I is the simple form

alrighty thanks so much :)

hmmm (2S-2B)/P=I is a better way to say it in here, as 2S-2B
is the only other way :)

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