Sometimes words appear as though they begin with a prefix when they actually do not. Each of the following word groups contains a word that looks as though it begins with a number prefix, but does not. Write the word that has no prefix in the blank at the right.

2.decade, decipher, decimal, decimate________________________________
3. trisect, triceps, trio, tribute_________________________________
4. biology, bisect, biweekly, biennial________________________________
5. quintet, quinine, quintuplet, quinquennial____________________________

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  1. We'll be glad to check your answers.

    To get you started --

    1. Three of these words have a prefix that means 100. The fourth word, "centralize" does not have a number prefix.

    2. Dec- means 10.

    Check a dictionary for others.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. I am so sorry but this time could u give me answers plz because i am going to sleep now and tomorrow morning i have to show this to my teacher:(

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  3. plzzz

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  4. Thank you soo much:)!

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  5. Did you figure these out? Ms Sue gave you two of the answers, and the others will be obvious once you look them up.


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  6. yeah i did all of them:) Thank you Writeacher and Ms Sue!

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