English (Macbeth)

We're supposed to research famous actors who have played the role of Macbeth -- know any?
Thanks for your help ^^

Richard Burton?

Robin Williams is shakspearian actor

Actualy, start a search "thespian" and refine from there.

I can't post links here. srry

Here are a number of actors who have played Macbeth: Derek Jacobi, David Garrick, Lawrence Olivier, Paul Scholield, Ian McKellan.

You can put any of these names into a search and get a bio.

In the movies, Jon Finch played in the l971 version, Orson Welles was in the l948 version. In 2007 , Philip Seymour Hoffman will play Mac

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asked by Lucy
  1. ian mckellan is the only one i know

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    posted by joey

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    posted by kkk

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