Sally is asking her childen wha tthey have done to get ready for thei rtrip to Brazil. Write the questions Sally asked based on her children's responses.
Si, ya compre los boletos para toda la familia

Si, Eugenio y Ronaldo llamaron al aeropuerto sobre el vuelvo.

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  1. ¡Hola! I wondered where you have been! I hope your holidays were wonderful.

    1. Sally must have only asked #1 of one child, because the answer is singular (don't forget the necessary accents!) so her question is something like: ¿Compraste los boletos para toda la familia?

    2. ¿Llamaron Eugenio y Ronaldo al aeropuerto sobre el vuelo? (check spelling of last word)

    Of course, other questions are possible, but because both questions were answered with "Sí" (Yes) these should be simple.

    1. Did you buy the tickets for the entire family? = Yes, I already bought the tickets for the entire family.

    2. Did Eugene and Ronald call the airport about the flight? = Yes, Eugene and Ronald called the airport about the flight.


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