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I answered the questions I just need help to see if my grammar is proper :)

What kind of person is Jack in this story?

Jack was a brave and silly young man with a kind heart in this story.

Is Jack more or less likeable in this version? Why?

Jack is more likeable in this version because he's doing the right thing; to take his rights and wealth back. The wealth and castle belonged to jack and his mother; he is not stealing wealth that doesn’t belong to him; like the previous version of this story.

What is the conflict in the story? Be sure to discuss all the conflicts.
The first conflict was jack's mother was sick and they were growing dreadfully poor.
Second conflict is jack sold the cow for magical beans, and his mother was sad and disappointed.
Jack and his mother were happy; to find out that the beanstalk that grew was magical. Jack climbed the beanstalk and found a beautiful village. He discovered from a fairy in the village, that this big castle and wealth belonged to his father; that was killed by a huge ogre. Jack was a brave boy. The conflict now is between Jack and the ogre that lives in his father's castle now.

What is the climax of the story?

The climax is after the giant died; Jack went back to the castle to try to get rid of the giant's wife.
The giantess saw them coming from the turret loop hole. She came rushing down the stairs; here I wasn’t sure how the story was going to end.

#5-What is the resolution of the story?

#5- The resolution of the story is jack gets his wealth back. Jack and his mother were rich again and lived happily ever after.

#6- Does this story teach a moral? If so, what is it?

yes, luck will help but always be brave to get your rights.

#7-How would you categorize this story according to what you discovered in Lesson 9?

I categorize this story as a fairytale.

#8-Discuss one element that is different between this story and the previous version, and explain what is different about that element.

In this version of the story; Jack and his mother were growing dreadfully poor. Jack's mother decided to sell the cow; to keep Jack and her self from starvation. Also in this version of the story Jack's mother was really sick.
In the first version of the story the cow that Jack and his mother lived on stopped giving milk; so they decided to sell it.

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