math... help plz (not hard)

Why is it that everything to the ZERO power equals one?


5^0= 1
234325346^0= 1

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  1. Each time you multiply a number by itself you increment the exponent:

    Each time you divide a number by itself you decrement the exponent:
    (A^3)/A = A^2
    (A^2)/A = A^1 = A
    A/A = 1 = A^0

    Hope this helps.


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  2. it's right

    but in fact the best argument

    if x is a number

    and exp(0)=1

    but i don't know if you know exp and log functions lol

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  3. If you have a calculator try raising some number to smaller and smaller powers and see what happens.
    100^.01 =1.0471
    100^.001 =1.00461
    100^.0000001 = 1.000000461

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  4. Here is another explanation

    If you accept the rules of exponents then

    x^a/x^a = x^(a-a) = x^0

    but x^a/x^a = 1 since any number divided by itself is 1
    so x^0 = 1

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  5. i don't know what is your level in maths..
    so you can write x^a/x^a=1
    but,in fact,it's wring because it's not defined for x=0
    so your answer is right but in high school it's wrong...

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