Physics, please help me today.

four pulleys are connected by two belts. Pulley A (radius 15cm) is the drive pulley and it rotates at 10 rad/s. Pulley B (radius 10 cm) is connected by belt 1 to pulley A. Pulley B' (radius 5cm) is concentric with pulley B and is rigidly attached to it. Pulley C (radius 25cm) is connected by belt 2 to pulley B'. Calculate (a) the linear speed of point on belt 1, (b) the angular speed of pulley B, (c) the angular speed of pulley B', (d) the linear speed of a point on belt 2 and (e) the angular speed of pulley C (hint: if the belt between two pulleys does not slip, the linear speeds at the rims of the two pulleys must be equal)

Draw the diagram, then work from A (given w) to linear speed, then the next pulley with the same linear speed, then that new jpulley has angular speed = linearspeed/radius. And so on.

Rigidly attached means the same angular speed.

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