a total of 9liters of orange syrup was poured equally into 6 jugs. Susan poured 2/5 liters of orange syrup from a jug into a glass and drank it.she found the syrup too sweet,so she added 4/5 liters of water into the jug she had.find the total amount of orange syrup in the jug after she added 4/5 liters of water.pls give your answer clearly,thanks!

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asked by Da S
  1. 9 Liters / 6Jugs = 1 3/6 = 1 1/2

    1 1/2 - 2/5 = 3/2 - 2/5 = 15/10 - 4/10 = 11/10 = 1 1/10 Liters.

    11/10 + 4/5 = 11/10 + 8/10 = 19/10 =
    1 9/10 Liters left.

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    posted by Henry

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