Algebra II

I think I need to go backward for my answers. starting with c. As I am no good at math I have to guess I am wrong. Can I get some guidence on how to set up the problem?

To estimate animal populations, biologists count the total number of animals in a small section of a habitat. The total population of animals is directly proportional to the size of the habitat (in acres) polled.

a.Write an equation using only one variable that could be used to solve for the constant of variation k.

b.A biologist counted the number of white tail deer in a 100 acre parcel of land in a nature preserve and found 12 deer. Find the constant of variation k.

c.If the entire nature preserve is 2,500 acres, then what is the total white tail deer population in the preserve? Describe how you arrived at your answer.

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  1. Ns = Number of animals in sample
    As = Acres in sample

    Ns = k As

    so k = Ns/As

    b. k = 12/100 deer per acre = .12

    c. N = k A is my assumption (the number of deer per acre is constant .12 just like in my sample)
    N = .12 * 2500
    N = 300

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  2. The stopping distance d of a car after the brakes have been applied varies directly as the square of the speed r. if the car traveling 70mph cab stop in 270ft, how many feet will it take the same car to stop when it 1s traveling 50 mph

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