GeOmEtRy OnE qUeStIoN pLeAsE hElP!!!

Segment DF bisects angle EDG. Find FG.
segment EF is n+9
segment FG is 4n-6
Please Help me on this one question! I'd really appreciate it!
Thank You :)!

asked by Zelda
  1. There's more info needed here.
    Unless you know the distances DE and DG there's no way to be sure about EF and FG.

    DF could be a very long line, DE could be short, and DG could be medium-length.

    However, making the assumption that DE = EG, then we can make some headway.

    In that case, EF = FG and so

    n+9 = 4n-6
    3n = 15

    so EF = FG = 14

    posted by Steve
  2. THANK YOU! :)

    posted by Zelda

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