I have learned how to formulate personal learning goals SMART. Specific: a learning goal can only useful if it describes what you want to do; how you think, you will do it, when and where. A learning goal must be specific. During the class we must written down our SMART. I have learned that a wish is not a learning goal but you can use it as a start.
Measurable after while you should be able to establish whether you have reach your goal.
Activating a real learning goal includes an action plan that specifies what you are going to do, which activities to reach your goal in certain period.
Realistic be sure that all means are available, circumstances are positive. You must see that you learning goal are realistic
Time restricted, you must have a time restrict in your learning goal if you do not have a time restrict in your learning goal when it be postponed you do know when you learning goal be finish. Time restriction is also a check: is this learning goal realistic? We must write us learning during the class.

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