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a page of pictures for a yearbook is 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches. The space between the pictures is 3/16 inch. How high can each picture be to fit seven down the length of the page?

since the the length of the page is 11 inches, and there has to be seven pictures down the length, you have to do this:
draw a picture

\= one picture








there are seven pictures, how many gaps are there? there are six gaps in between so since each space is 3/16 and there are 6 of them, multiply 3/16 and 6 and you will get 9/8.

then since the whole length is 11 inches and the space is 9/8 inches, you have get rid of the space so it will me 79/8.

meaning that if the pictures are put together without the space, the length altogther will be 79/8 inches.

then since there are seven pictures, divide 79/8 by 7 to get how long each picture has to be and it is 79/56 inches.

i think this is right. check the answer in the book and tell me

sorry i forgot, 11- 9/8 = 79/8

asked by derrick

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