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physics )':

A 66.5 kg ice skater moving to the right with a velocity of 2.80 m/s throws a 0.16 kg snowball to the right with a velocity of 20.4 m/s relative to the ground.

(a) What is the velocity of the ice skater after throwing the snowball? Disregard the friction between the skates and the ice.

(b) A second skater initially at rest with a mass of 61.00 kg catches the snowball. What is the velocity of the second skater after catching the snowball in a perfectly inelastic collision?

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  1. Assume total momentum [of thrower + snowball in (a) and catcher plus snowball in (b)] is conserved in both cases.

    The phrase "perfectly inelastic" is rather meaningless

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  2. 1a Conservation of momentum.
    original momentum= final momentum
    I assume the ice skater was carrying snow with her.

    solve for V.

    b. initialmomentum= final moentum
    solve for V

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