pre calc. help!!!!!!

i am building a rectangular swimming pool. the pool is to have a surface area of 1000 ft.^2. it also has a uniform walk way of 3 ft. surrinding it. X is the lengh of one side of the pool, and Y is te lengh of the other side.

A.) express the area of the plot of land needed for the pool and the surrunding side was as a function of, X.

B.) Determine the dimensions of the plot of land that has the least area.

C.) what is the least area?

Well xy is 1000

Area= pool
Area= (x+3)(y+3) but y=1000/x
1)Area= (x+3)(1000/x +3)

Least area? Take dA/dx, set to zero, and solve for x. Then solve for y.

least area is the area in 1) above with the x you found.

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asked by cheryl

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