Introduction to the Criminal Justice System

To whom it may concern:
There was a posting on August 31, 06 in response to "Can someone proofread before submission?" and it was posted by PsyDAG. I was wondering if someone could tell me who or where I could find the in text references? They are;
Schmalleger 2005, Pasquier,Baumgartner,Stoll & Williams 2000, Stoddard 2004, Wright 2006, Siegel & Senna 2005. I would really appreciate any help that you could give. I am trying to find some Criminal Justice material for a project and I seen this paper and thought I might could use some of those references. Thanks, Jo

Jo, I don't remember proofreading a paper with these citations. Don't they also have page numbers?

If the paper uses these citations within the text, they should be listed as references at the end of the paper. If not, try using the citations as key words in a Google search, for example, "Schmalleger 2005".

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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