I have to create a work of art that reflects the absurdity of our meaningless universe, or our reaction to it (pick from the six existentialism themes)
I was thinking of doing death absurdity.
I was going to draw a picture of someone working hard to become a doctor his or her whole life, but the person ends up dieing naturally. Tell me if this is a good idea if you have one please suggest or expand on this one. Thank you so much!

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asked by tim
  1. Existentialism... <G> I immediately thought of Sartre's "No Exit". How about a picture of a wide open door with two people fighting to get through it. You could give an impression of the space that lies through the door. If one of them wins, then he walks into oblivion. If neither wins, then they are fighting to go nowhere forever. How about that for - an existential dilemma. <G>

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    posted by GuruBlue

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