teaching as a professional career

list 3-5 factors that define teaching as a professional career.

please help!!!

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  1. Enjoy working with others
    Drive to teach others
    Academic interests
    Abilities to convey knowledge
    Combination of adhering to rules while remaining independent

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    Ms. Sue
  2. A specialized body of knowlede
    Emphasis on decision making
    Ethical standards for conduct

    By any chance is this for an assignment in AED 201 at UOP

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  3. I bet it is, bacause I have the same problem! I was looking for an answer and it brought me here!

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  4. If you would read the chapter you would find the answer...

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  5. Well you may be VERY annoyed, but sometimes some of us just need insight from others, not answers but insight. The opinion of others and guidance from others helps me in my assignments. If I can hear someone's point of view other than my own, and what they think and how they interpret the assignment, that really helps me. I don't come here and copy and paste and say oh yay I'm done!! No, I come here to read what others think, and find great sources other than what is assigned to me. You might be annoyed, but I'm annoyed too..that sometimes you professors think just because we went to high school and have your 'books' then what could be the problem??? The problem is if professors were a little more patient and a little more understanding then maybe we wouldn't be afraid to say..ya know I just don't get it. I'm reading, and have read it..but still unsure of what those 3 to 5 factors are. Bleh..and I want to be a teacher and have to be taught by someone like you who is ANNOYED by ME.

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  6. haha, this is brilliant

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