Jake has a 3 foot long peice of wood that he wants to make into a triangular frame. He cuts a peice off of the board that is 1 foot 5 inches long. From the remaining board he cuts off another peice that is 7 inches long. He now has 3 peices of wood. Will he be able to fit 3 peices together to make a triangle? Explain

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  1. No, he can't. Since his first cut was in the middle, making one more cut cannot make two sides that exceed the length of the longest side. To form a triangle, no side can have a length that equals or exceeds the sum of the lengths of the other two sides.

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  2. drwls probably made an arithmetic error.

    Jake starts with 36 inches, cuts off 17 inches, leaving 19 inches.
    From that he cuts 7 inches, leaving 12

    so his 3 pieces are 17, 7, and 12 inches.
    The sum of any two of these exceeds the third side, so the triangle is possible. (ignoring any lengths lost due to the cuts)

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  3. Yeah he can
    bec 1foot = 12inches
    so the piece of wood has 3*12 36 inch long
    so the first piece = 12+5=17 inch
    the second piece = 7 inch
    so the last piece = 36-(7+17)=12 inch
    so do the inequality of triangle (the sum of two sides must be greater than the remaining side)
    to shortcut time and effort sum the smallest sides and see if the sum is greater than the biggest side
    then it can be triangle

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