Could you please quick revise this? Does the senior/freshman after IU need to be capitalized?
Ex: said IU freshman Avery Walts.
said IU Freshman Avery Walts.
Which one of these is correct?

Taking the First Step
By:Bryce and Katlyn
They call it “the good life.” College is a time when teenagers and young adults figure out who they are, and who they want to be in life. “I figured out who I was, and what I want to do in life,” said IU freshman Avery Walts. College is a time where people figure out who they are, and where they want to go in life. Some say it’s the best years of their life, and from all the stories college students tell, it seems to be true.
During college, you get a sense of a new circle of friends and get to meet a great amount of people. “There is a huge diversity of people there, so you will probably always find people you want to hangout with,” said IU senior Kyle Murphy. Getting to know people is one of the key elements to surviving college. You want to focus hard on your schoolwork, but you also want to have a good social life with the people that mean the most to you.
College is greatly underestimated though. Some people even say that when you get out of high school, it’s all easy and fun and games. The truth is, when you’re in college, you need to manage your time wisely. “Time management is probably one of the most important things in college. You always want to plan out when to have fun and when to work on projects. It’s horrible when you are constantly having fun and have no time to finish your work,” said Walts.
Besides making friends, one of the most important tips given to seniors is to take a tour of the college first. “College is extremely intimidating and you will get lost quite a few times at first, but you will get use to it before you know it,” said IU freshman Chelsey Carr. They are constantly telling seniors going into college to go to orientation, that way you have an idea of where everything is and the rules and regulations.
“Overall I enjoy college a lot more than high school. It is extremely hard, but you finally get independence and control of your life,” said IU freshman Amanda Millea. College is hard, but you gain so much freedom. Your parents can no longer have control over your actions, and you must be careful about this. “You get so many new responsibilities in college. I have to pay dorm rent every month and the student loans suck, so im practically paying for it all on my own. Its either that, or im out on the streets,” said Murphy.
While making friends and experiencing college, you sometimes get extremely homesick. “I always cannot wait to come home while im on break, and see the people I love,” said Millea. You get so much freedom in college, but always remember to go show your family how much you love them. Don’t ever forget about your family.

College can be extremely hard, but can also be extremely fun. When it all comes down to it, you want to give it your all, but you want to make time to socialize and have fun. “Having fun is definitely important, work hard Sunday through Thursday so you have Friday and Saturday off,” said Murphy. “Overall, College is a time where you find out who you are, and who exactly you want to be in society,” said Murphy with a bright smile on his face.

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asked by Bryce
  1. I question: "It is the best years?" As the plural, what about: "They are the best years...?"

    As for Freshman/freshman = do you consider it part of the title or not? Ordinarily I would not capitalize it.

    "but you will get use to it" = you will get USED to it...

    run-on sentence here: "orientation, that way you have" = easily correctable with a semi-colon in place of the comma

    "or im out" = I'm out...

    here an affirmative word (always) seems out of place with a negative (cannot) ... "“I always cannot wait to come home while im on break, and see" = I never can wait....I'm on break

    "mportant, work hard Sunday" = another run-on sentence. important; work hard

    Thank you for making few errors because these tired old eyes can NOt handle skimming up and down, up and down!


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  2. Thank you so much!

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    posted by Bryce

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