Outside of School (question)

What kind of activities I can do outside of school?????

Pleas list if you have any ideas.

Thank YOU! :)

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asked by Laruen
  1. Beekeeping.
    Reading to kids at local library.
    Horseback riding.
    working as a volunteer at an animal shelter.
    reading to the blind once a week (they do get mail, and magazines).

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  2. Church
    Food bank
    Nursing home

    Check with your church pastor for more ideas.

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  3. http://justwaitteens.com/beekeeping/

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  4. Ok

    Thank You!!!

    Now I thought of more

    Karte (going back to soon)
    chruch (of course)
    and mucn more

    is there any art programs for teens in rockland????

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    posted by Laruen
  5. Sports
    Play outside
    Helping others

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    posted by Jaycee
  6. In what state is Rockland?

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  7. I'm guessing there no art programs I'll go check.

    Thx anway

    Please reply my science post Ms. Sue. I want you to see if my answer is corect I tries using my notes and studied a little.

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    posted by Laruen
  8. new york

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    posted by Laruen
  9. http://www.rocklandartclasses.com/


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  10. Thank You!!!


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    posted by Laruen
  11. You're welcome.

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