1. 6x+2y=8

2. y=-2

3. x=5

4. 4x-3y=11

Tell whether the line is vertical, horizontal, or either.

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  1. Put each equation into the general equation form; i.e., y = mx + b
    2y = -6x+8 or
    y = -3x+4
    In this case, -3 is the slope and 4 is the y intercept. It is neither a horizontal nor a vertical line.
    Try 4. sam answer.
    y = -2. Visualize this as y = -2 when x is 0, 1, 2, 3,4, or whatever. That is, no matter the value of x along the scale, the value of y is -2. That means a horizontal line.

    I will leave 3 for you. Visualize that, also.

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