Grammar exercise check

Can somebody check my answers on this exercise? I'm horrible at this and I want to make sure if I'm doing it right.
"Identify the gerunds or gerund phrases in the following sentences. Then, tell how each is used: as a subject, a predicate nominative, a direct object,or an object of a preposition."

1. A caricature is a picture, usually of a person, that draws attention to key features by emphasizing them.
Emphasizing them--object of a preposition

2.Usually, caricature artists enjoy poking fun at famous people.
Poking fun-- direct object

3.Looking at caricaturesis an entertaining way to capture the "feel" of a historical period.
Looking at caricatures-- subject, entertaining way-- predicate nominative

4. No one looking at this sketch of Teddy Roosevelt can help smiling.
Looking-- direct object

5. The artist began by simplifying the shapeof his subject's head.
Simplifying the shape-- object of a preposition

6. Then he started outlining the temples and round cheeks with bold strokes of his pen.
Outlining the temples and round cheeks-- direct object

7. As you probably realize, magnifying reality is very important to a good caricature.
Magnifying reality-- subject

8. By enlarging Roosevelt's engaging grin and bristly mustache, the artist emphasizes these features and suggests Roosevelt's energetic, outgoing personality.
Enlarging Roosevelt's-- object of a preposition, engaging grin and bristly mustache-- object of a preposition

9. The artist also uses his subject's narrowed eyes and oval glasses for comic effect by drawing them closer together than they really were.
Drawing them closer together-- object of a preposition

10. Exaggerating Roosevelt's features has resulted in an amusing but unmistakable likeness.
Exaggerating Roosevelt's features-- subject, amusing but unmistakable likeness-- predicate nominative

Thank you SOOOOO much for helping me out!!! I'm sorry it's so much.

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asked by Emily
  1. 1. correct
    2. correct
    3. correct and correct
    4. incorrect
    5. correct
    6. correct
    7. correct
    8. correct and incorrect
    9. correct
    10. correct and incorrect

    There are some -ing verbs that serve as participles (verbal adjectives, not gerunds); make sure you're not confusing them.

  2. 1. Correct
    2. Correct
    3. Both are correct
    4. Ooops -- Looking is a participle modifying no one. Smiling is a gerund used as the direct object of the verb can help.
    5. Correct
    6. Correct
    7. Correct
    8. The entire gerund phrase is "enlarging Roosevelt's engaging grin and bristly mustache." It's the object of the preposition. Note that engaging is a particple modifying grin.
    9. Correct
    10. Partly right. Exaggerating Roosevelt's features is a gerund phrase used as the subject. But amusing is a participle modifing likeness.

    See -- you're not so bad at this grammar stuff! :-)

  3. Thanks SOOOOOOOO much for correcting this!!! I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this.

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    posted by Emily
  4. You're very welcome -- from both Writeacher and me. :-)

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