Y < -3/2 + 8
Y > - 1/3 + 10/3

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  1. I suppose you are missing the "x" in your functions.

    Just graph it as you normally would, which mean graph y = (-3/2)x + 8. Then pick on any coordinate point that's NOT on the line for testing, just FYI, I always use the point (0,0) just because it makes the math easy and I can do it in my head without a calculator. In this case, you can use (0,0) because that point is not on the function. So plugging (0,0) into the function, you get:

    0 < (-3/2)*0 + 8
    0 < 8

    TRUE, 0 is less than 8, so you would shade the side that contains the point (0,0), which mean shade the area below your line in this case. Oh and also make sure the line you drawn is dotted and not solid because we only use solid line when the function is "less than or equal to" (<=)or "greater than or equal to" (>=).

    Okay then you move on to the next function and graph it again. Pick a point for testing, if that gives you a TRUE statement, then you shade that way, if it's FALSE such as 0 > 8, then you shade the other way that will not contain the (0,0).

    Finally, if your shading overwrite or intersect with each other, then you only choose that part of the shading and erase the area where the shadings that only apply to 1 function. When they are overwriting each other, that just mean the value in that area works for both functions.

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