I have tried so many ways to do these questions, but I cannot figure it out.

Word Bank

crunch thoughtful batch theater
cloth harsh birch
scratch whittle switch

1. My aunt likes to ____________ small figures from the trees branches.

2. The _____________ tree has a pretty, white bark.

Write the opposite of the meaning.

1. mild
2. a single one

My Guesses:

1. birch

Opposite part guesses.

1. harsh
2. switch

Am I correct? If not, tell me the correct answers. Thank you so much.

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  1. <G> you have #1 and #2 reversed. I am sure you meant Your aunt whittles and the birch tree.

    Opposites - harsh is the opposite of mild...
    However, switch is not the opposite of one. Which is the only word in your batch of words that means more than one?

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  2. In your sentences, you have 1 and two switched.
    On your opposites, 1 is correct but 2 is not. Think about cookies, a b____ is a bunch of them opposed to a single one.

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