I'm so horrible at biology so help is appreicated;
"The following experiment is to test the limits of cell population growth. Cells were grown in six flasks under different conditions. Eash flask contained a nutrient broth of the same concentration. The table below shows the data obtained from this.

flask 1; temp 0. vol of nutrient 500. no of cells day 1; 1.0. day 2; 1.0 day 3; 1.0
flask 2; temp 20 vol of nutri 500. no of cells day 1; 1.0 day 2 1.2 day 3; 1.2 flask 3; temp 30 vol of nutri 1000. no of cells day 1; 1.0 day 2; 2.6 day 3; 3.2 flask 4; temp 40. vol of nutri 500. no of cells day 1; 1.0 day 2; 2.2 day 3 2.2 flask 5; temp 50 vol of nutri 500. no of cells day one; 1.0 day two; 2.0 day three 2.0 flask 6; temp 60. vol of nutri 500. day one; 1.0 day two; 1.4 day 3 1.4
what was the experiment devised to test?
A mistake was made in setting up the experiment in which flask was the mistake made and what happened?
Based on data what was the optimal temp for cellgrowth?

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