science grade 5

how is heat related to temperature?

Temperature tells us the DEGREE of heat; i.e., how hot is something. A temperature of 98.6 F is normal body temperature. A hot day is when the temperature is 95 degrees F. A cold day is when it is freezing outside. But the heat something holds is the AMOUNT of energy. For example, suppose I take a cup to a nearby lake and remove a cup of water from the lake. Now I stick a thermometer into the cup and it reads, let's say, 75 degrees F. A thermometer stuck into the lake will ALSO read 75 degrees F since it is the same water. BUT which has more heat. Obviously, the cup is smaller and the water holds less total heat than the large volume of water in the lake. I hope this distinguishes between heat and temperature for you.

Heat, in matter (but not in electromagnetism), measures the total amount of energy associated with random motion of molecules. The heat content of matter is proportional to the mass of material. Temperature measures the average energy of random motion per molecule.

thank you DrBob222 ,

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asked by kathy

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