I cannot remember how to do rise over run. I am very confused!!! Please help me.

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  1. ok... first of all, rise over run is when you are trying to find the slope of the line, or even two points.

    For instance, let's say you have these two points: (1,3) and (5,6)

    x's are the "run"
    and y's are the "rise"

    you know that rise/run = m = slope. Now you subtract y's for numerator and x's for denominator.
    (6-3)/(5-1) = 3/2. So that's your slope.

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  2. I think Jin meant 3/4.
    Another simple way to figure this out if you have two points...from the first point (the one to the left), count either up or down to the second point. This is rise. Then count back or forth between the two points. This is run. This will also give you the slope...just remember if you have to go down, the slope will be negative.

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  3. im home schooling my son and i cant figure out the prime factorization for 68

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  4. sorry thought that you were the tutor lol

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