suppose you invest $1500 in equipment to put pictures on t-shirts. you buy each t-shirt for $3. after you have placed the picture on a shirt, you sell it for $20. how many t-shirts must you sell to break even?

dealing w/- subst. and elimin.

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  1. Amber, from your earlier statement, you have trouble setting up these problems. Apparently you don't have any trouble with the actual algebraic manipulations. But I and some others have helped you with several of this type. This problem is very similar to the others you have posted. My point is that you need the practice in learning how to do these. I think you should try these on your own and see if you can work through them. I couldn't do these when I was your age but I persevered. Practice, praactice, practice. Give it a shot. Let us help you with those you can't do but tell us what you have tried and why you don't know what to do next.

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  2. 89

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  3. I NEED WORK!!

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