Algebra 2

I have taken algebra 2 for three years in a row. I take notes daily, I pay attention in class, I have a tutor, and yet I am in the same position again. I currently have a 56.7% in my algebra 2 class. I have one test and the final exam before final grades are figured. The assignments together total 88 points. I wanted to know if there is any chance of me earning a passing grade. In my school 60% is passing. Is there any way to figure how many points I need to pass and if it is even possible? I am very frustrated as my teacher seems to have given up on me.

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  1. Ask your teacher if there is anything you can do for extra credit. Explain that you really want to pass. If you show that you truly care about the class then your teacher won't give up on you. Unless there is more to your story, for example missed assignments. You have to show that you care.

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    posted by Amanda
  2. I don't think anyone of us can give you that answer without knowing the method of how your teacher keep tracks of score.

    For example, does your teacher treat all points weight equally? This is when 1 point in a test is equal to 1 point in the assignments and everything else. If so, I need to know what is the points you earned so far and what's the total possible points that you can get in the class.

    Another common way teacher keeps track of the score is dividing assignments and tests to a certain percentage of your total grade. For example, exam 1 = 20%, exam 2 = 20%, exam 3 = 20%, final exam = 30%, and assignments = 10%. If so, you will need to give me information of the percentage of your previous test results and for assignment, I cannot calculate that unless I need how many points you earned out of how many possible points that you can earn TO THIS DAY and the TOTAL possible points that you can earn (when the class ends).

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  3. Oh, and now you said you are at 56.7% I can give a rough prediction with the if...then statements for you, that way you don't have to ask your teacher and dig out all your tests to tell me the results and stuffs.

    If you do not do anything different than what you did thus far, which mean assume you follow the pattern of your test results, you have around 53.3% chance of failing the class and 46.7% chance of passing the class...which mean IT IS STILL POSSIBLE TO PASS! The probability isn't so bad... almost 50-50... but obviously you are going to study harder from this point right? If so, I can pretty much guarantee you can get a 60% easily because all you need to do for your last exam and final exam is to get around 63% or 64%, which should be easy, you only need to try a little harder than you currently are to achieve that score. You're very very close to getting it, so keep it up and try harder!

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