i need to do make a presentation on my favourite song how do i do it.
my favourite song is moves like jagger

asked by alex
  1. This is a song I do not know. Here are some links to that song that might give you ideas:

    Here are some links on how to present a song:

    Because we don't know anything about your class, except the subject, do you play an instrument? You could give a "background" on the musician that wrote the song (or lyrics and music might have been done by more than one person. Then you could play a tape/CD or perform it yourself. You might have a copy of the words and music and get the class to sing it!

    Don't be afraid to be creative - any poster, art work you could use, or le the students draw something while they listen to the song. If you have the words, leave some of the words BLANK for the students to fill in the missing words. "Brain storm" to think of anything that would make them listen, keep them busy, etc. Have fun with it and "audience participation" can entertain everyone.

    See if you can "touch" the 5 senses = see, hear, feel, hard to reach "touch" and "smell" with a song, but might not be impossible!


    posted by SraJMcGin

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