1.A piece of the suture __________ embedded in the scar tissue.
A) was
B) were

2.He is the doctor __________ performed my appendectomy
A) who
B) whom
C) whose

3.Neither the fracture nor the laceration __________ surgery.
A) require
B) requires

4.The fractures of his phalanges had __________ origin in an automobile accident.
A) its
B) it's
C) their

5.The physical therapy treatment, in addition to the medications, __________ sufficient at this time.
A) are
B) is

My answers are:


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asked by Cindy
  1. 2. is wrong.

    The subject of the verb "performed" is "who."

  2. Thanks so much!

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    posted by Cindy
  3. You're very welcome.

  4. 2 is A.

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    posted by Howler

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