comparative essay

okay this is my intro

Egar Allen Poe is well known for his Gothic Novels.There are many different enterpretations of "the Raven" that have been presented over the years.Edgar Allen Poe and The simpsons rendition of "the raven" are similar in some ways and different in others..

Now i have to write a conluson with a thesis Re-stated and Original closing idead/statement

but what do i write..
and is my intro good?

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  1. You might include the purpose of Poe's original poem and the purpose of the Simpson's version in your introduction. Then, you need to write the body of your essay before you write the conclusion, which should sum up the points you made in the body.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. My suggestions for your intro:

    Edgar Allen Poe is well known for his Gothic fiction. There are many different interpretations of "The Raven" that have been presented over the years, including one ___________. Edgar Allen Poe and The Simpsons' rendition of "the raven"<~~capitals where needed in a title are similar in some ways and different in others.. <~~get rid of extra period

    Your intro is basic. If I were to grade it, I suppose I'd give it a C- since it's basically there. But where's a "hook" or "gimmick" or something truly interesting that makes people WANT to keep reading?

    Did you read that link I sent you on conclusions? If not, do so. It tells you what to include and what NOT to include. Here are a couple of other webpages about conclusions:
    Read the section called The point of an ending.
    See #s 11, 12, 13, and 14.

    Which sentence in your intro is your thesis statement? It needs to be rephrased and included in your conclusion, according to your instructions. You also need a closing statement so the reader isn't left hanging, expected to draw his/her own conclusions!

    Read all the links I've sent you on conclusions. Then draft one and repost.

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