what if ur teach iz a total which? also what happens when you get totaly confused when you have to work out the problems?if don't work out the problems, theni get a 000!

That's why the best way to learn is by studying yourself using good books! :)

First you need to learn to spell? Probably you know how but you have taken so many short cuts with friends that spelling phonetically on the Internet and IMs has become second nature. It makes it difficult to help when we can't read the question. I recommend you find a tutor to help. Learn to study. Work ALL of the problems you can so that problem solving becomes automatic. Don't put off today's work for tomorrow you will have just twice as much to do. And don't judge a person who is trying to teach you something. There are great teachers and some not so great. I have had some teachers that were terrible teachers. However, when that happens, I leaned to buckle down and overcome that problem. Life is full of problems and you need to learn, early on, how to cope with them. For those of us who are not gifted learners (I was not gifted), it just means we must work harder. Good luck.

I suggest you have a conference with your teacher.

what is distributive property

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