An astronaut weighs 696 N on the Earth. What is her weight on planet X, which has a radius Rx = Rearth 1.60 and a mass Mx = Mearth 8.60?

-the only equation I know for weight is "w = m x g"...I don't know how to solve for w using force.

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  1. Force on planet =
    weight on planet =
    G m Mplanet/Rplanet^2

    Force on earth =
    weight on earth =
    G m Mearth/Rearth^2


    weight on planet/weight on earth =


    I think you can take it from there since Mplanet/ Mearth is given
    Rplanet/Rearth is given

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  2. F=W=mg
    F=G m ME\ RE^2
    Rx =1.60
    Mx =8.60

    = Change the numbers from up to down and from down to up.
    =1.60^2\8.60= 0.30
    The astronaut weighs 696 N on the earth.
    The weight on the planet X = 0.30*696=208.8 N

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