what is a firthian linguistics?...its full structure and history...

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  1. I searched Google for firthian linguistics, and these are the results:

    All those JSTOR entries require membership or a purchase. There are others in here that are in online bookstores: Amazon, Alibris, and others. The article on British linguistics is a history of the study.

    This is a bit better:
    Scroll down and read several sections, especially the section under J. R. Firth. Also be sure to click on links and read further information about him and anyone influenced by him.
    This is a little better. Be sure to read the article in the External link section, too.

    Tough subject!


  2. yes! really it is...its dragging my head down...(lol)...thanks...

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  3. There's just not that much out there about this -- so I guess it's best to study HIM and see what that yields.


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