US History

Here is a prompt:
Both Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson were promoted as champions of the "common man". By looking at the long careers of both men it is quite obvious that only Thomas Jefferson truly lived up to this title.
To what extent is this true?

I am supposed to write a speech on this for my AP US History class. Could some give me some ideas for a suggested outline or anything else? Thanks.

Basically, you'll be writing a comparison/contrast paper to be presented aloud. Here is an excellent page to explain and give examples for organizing such a paper:
And here is a graphic organizer to help you brainstorm your topic:
Scroll down to see the different ways Venn Diagrams can look.

Here are sites on Thomas Jefferson:

And here are sites on Andrew Jackson:

These should get you started. Please re-post if you have further questions.


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asked by Jeff

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