Sorry Dr. Bob, I wsa looking for the Sucrose, not all 16 calculations. Can you help me with the Sucrose?

I have 93.954 mL of a generic cola solution. The solution contains:
Molarity of H++1.005e-7
Molarity of OH- = 1.005e-7
Molarity of Sucrose(aq) = 6.386e-1
Molarity of Dye= 5.322e-3
Calculate the mass percent, molarity, molality and mole fraction.

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asked by Emily
  1. I suppose we assume the density of the solution is 1 (unless you have a density listed).
    0.6386 M sucrose is 0.6386 moles/L soln.
    grams sucrose = 0.6386 x 342.3 = 218.6g/L soln or 218.6 g sucrose + 781.4g H2O.

    If we assume the density of the solution is 1.00 g/mL (and I don't think that will be true) mass percent w/w = 218.6g/1000 g soln or 21.86g/100 g soln = 21.86% w/w.
    molality = moles kg solvent = 0.6386/0.7814 = ??
    Check my work. I would have been more comfortable with a density.
    For X, you convert each of the quantities to moles, then mole fraction sucrose = moles sucrose/total moles.

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    posted by DrBob222

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