can someone hep me please
Use the following tabe to answer the question.
Population of Europe by Age Groups
Population (in thousands)
1950 1970 1995
Age 0-14 143,175 166,367 139,464
Age15-64 359,162 421,432 487,110
Age 65+ 44,981 68,642 101,338
Age 75+ 14,553 22,762 38,139
Total 547,318 656,441 727,912
Source: European Rural Development (ERD) Project.

What was the percentage increase in the age 75+ population of Europe from 1970 to 1995?
A) 67.6%
B) 63.4%
C) 68.9%
D) 65.1%

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  1. You need to supply the table. None of the above questions has data.

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