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I did this experiment about antacids and my hyppothesis is that "If I use the generic antacid to create a neutralization reaction, it will have the same effectiveness of the name brand because...." I'm not sure to what reason ..can someone help?

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  1. ....because the amount of active ingredient is the same. (or something like that). Check the active ingredient of the name brand as well as that of the generic material to make sure you are comparing apples and apples and not apples and oranges. If they are not the same percent then make adjustments in the experiment you will perform so you are comparing the same amount. Also make sure that both materials are the same ingredient.

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  2. but we werent given a list of ingredients (i did this in school and my teacher just handed the antacids labeled generic or brand name)

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  3. OK, so you're working from a set of instructions. I think what I wrote is OK.

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