A diver in midair has an angular velocity of 6.0 rad/s and a moment of inertia of 1.2 kg·m2. He then pulls is arms and legs into a tuck position and his angular velocity increases to 12 rad/s. The net external torque acting on the diver is zero. What is his moment of inertia in the tuck position?

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  1. The Conservation of Angular Momentum will be conserved. (Hint: it states that the net external torque acting on the diver is zero.)

    Angular Momentum =
    moment of inertia x angular velocity

    (6.0) (1.2) = 12x
    7.2 = 12x
    x = 0.6 kg·m^2

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  2. Ur :3

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  3. 0.6

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