Study the data table below.

A three-column table presenting the 'Melting Point and Boiling Point for Common Substances.' The column headers are 'Substance,' 'Melting point (°C),' and 'Boiling point (°C).' For substance aluminum, the values are '660' and '2519,' respectively. For chlorine, the values are '-101' and '-34,' respectively. For copper, the values are '1085' and '2927,' respectively. For gold, the values are '1065' and '2856,' respectively. For mercury, the values are '-39' and '357,' respectively. For oxygen, the values are '-218' and '-182,' respectively.' For silver, the values are '961' and '2162,' respectively. For tungsten, the values are '3422' and '5555,' respectively.

The current temperature is 35 °C. Which substance would need the most energy to change from a solid to a liquid?

A. copper
B. gold
C. oxygen
D. tungsten

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  1. Without also knowing the specific heat, and the heat of fusion, one can't say for sure. Since the melting point of tungsten is so much higher than the others, that is probably the correct answer. it is also why it is used in light bulbs.

    Note that three of the materials you are considering are not solid at 35 C. They are liquid or gaseous.

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    posted by drwls
  2. Ok thank you.

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