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Here are the instructions:

"We are going on a trip to hear a performance from a group promoting the Monterey Jazz Festival. Please explore the internet for information about these performers, find out where they are from, what pertinent things they have accomplished in the jazz industry, what is their background. This is due Monday, Jan 14.

Monterey Jazz Festival -

Terrance Blanchard - Trumpet
Nnenna Freelon - Vocalist
Benny Green - Piano
Kendrick Scott - Drums
James Moody - Saxophone
Derrick Hodge - Bass"

I have trouble finding information about these performers. Also, I have to make it a page and not too long.

How should I outline this? How should I start my introduction paragraph? etc...

Thank you for the help in advance.

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  1. I just picked one and got this:

    I entered kendrick scott drums to get these results. You can do the same with the others.


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  2. Note that the first one is Terence Blanchard.

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    Ms. Sue

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