physics in a way

If you break a raw egg, why can't you put it back together?
using relations to entropy and the 2nd law of termodynamics

I am not certain of any physical laws that prohibit it. The 2nd law will require that energy be added in order to make up for the increased entropy when breaking.

One could make the same arguement on folded clothes falling off the bed to the floor, asking why they cant be put back on the bed folded: They can, it requires energy to lift, and energy to refold.

I may not be understanding what you are asking here.

well my physics teacher said the egg couldn't ever be back in its origional form and she said that it has something to do with entropy but i cant figure out what

In general an increase in entropy can be reversed, but it takes energy.

by bieng broken the egg has been changed from a complex state into a simple state of disperse components (entropy) which can never be restored to its former complexity (restated)

Here is an explaination of entropy (lost work) and reversibility.

Your post of what your teacher said reminds me of one of my daughters when she was in the fifth grade (she is 31 now). Diane had told the class about finding a four leaf clover. The science teacher told the class there was no such thing as a four leafed clover, after Diane had made her comment.
Diane came come most upset over it. She spent that afternoon (Friday)and all day Saturday, and most of Sunday on her knees in the yard and field. Monday morning she lay five four leaf clovers on the teachers desk.
The teacher never recanted,but Diane had internal satisfaction. The others in the class never knew about it.
Look at the website I posted below. The key to determining is something is reversible is to ask the question what is allowed to happen to its surroundings.
Natural processes that disperse energy (increase in entropy) cannot be reversed by natural methods. If one is willing to replace the lost energy in that particular system, then it can.

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asked by Ghazi

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