"We find comfort among those who agree with us—growth among those who don’t"

What does this mean? I need to write an essay on this.

Please help. Thanks.

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asked by jen
  1. I think it means that it's easy and comfortable to communicate with people when they agree with us, and don't argue with us. On the contrary, we grow and become more intelligent when people disagree, argue, and question us. Hope I helped, good luck. (=

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    posted by Eve
  2. So when people disagree, we don't feel bad, but we think more about the situation which help us grow intelligent.. right?


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    posted by jen
  3. Think about how you feel when someone agrees with you. More secure? Validated? Maybe a little smug? <G> Essentially, you feel good about yourself.

    However, when someone doesn't agree with you, it gives you the opportunity to learn something new... Why do they think differently? What basis do they have? What are the positives, negatives in their way of thinking. The difference in point of view is a challenge to learn, and learning is always growth. That is why I have always loved to "argue"<G> and have been known to argue both sides and sometimes the middle.

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    posted by GuruBlue
  4. Yeah. (= Your welcome.

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    posted by Eve
  5. This is the reason the Catholic church has a "Devil's Advocate" who looks for reasons why a person should NOT be made a saint. We use the phrase, devil's advocate, in other situations, too, such as when we want to make sure we have the correct information.

    Playing devil's advocate is fun. Think of something that is held to be true, then look for ways to prove it is false. Actually, this is the scientific research method. Scientists look for ways to disprove a hypthesis. If they cannot, then it becomes a theory. When proof comes from several different fields, then it becomes a law of nature. Think the Law of Gravity.

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    posted by Lehrerin Sagt

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