Math(Unit Rate)

If 20 units= 10kg whats the unit rate?

is that your gf? "sam"????

20/10 reduce,= 2/1 divide,=.5 Kg/unit

calculate the unit rate what dose this mean

Find each unit rate. $112 in 8 hours

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  1. $14 that was easy
    Gosh ya ppl it's easy math.
    oh and albanians rock forever. love all ya albanians out there. :) :) :>

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    posted by e.e
  2. Hmm, i had forgotten how to do that for a moment, very helpful. So you had to divide 112 by 8 in order to get the unit rate $14 an hour... i get it now =3

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    posted by Phone
  3. what is a unit rate

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  4. $14 duh

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  5. ur moms vag. lmfao8======>~~~

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  6. I have a question what is 14 hours in two weeks in ratios

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    posted by Liza
  7. i need help

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    posted by derrick
  8. Y=12x

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