outline one or more ways in which the climate of the Cool Temperate Western Maritime area, such as the UK, is influenced by its global position.

please will somebody help, im finding this one quite hard!


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asked by sam
  1. The prevailing westerly winds usually bring oceanic air in the form of tropospheric winds, clouds and stratospheric jet stream onto the western continental coasts at the middle latitudes. The reason has to do with the direction of the Earth's rotation. The air that comes in from the ocean is typically cooler in summer and warmer in winter, than air that has spent a lot of time over the central continent and eastern seaboard. Thus the western regions of continents at middle latitudes then to have milder climates

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    posted by drwls

    See the first link on that page.

  3. In the last sentence of my previous answer, the word "then" should be "tend". You will get a better answer in the link provided by BobPursley

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    posted by drwls

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