English Expressions

I think eating genetically engineered foods are not harmful at all.

I think eating genetically engineered food is not harmful at all.

I think eating genetically modified foods are not harmful at all.

I think eating genetically modified food is not harmful at all.

I think eating GM foods are not harmful at all.

Are all the expressions above correct? which expressions are commonly used?

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  1. Only the second and fourth sentences are correct. The word "eating" (a gerund) is the subject and is singular, so all those sentences with "are" for the verb are incorrect.

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  2. Correction of sorts: "eating" is the subject of its own clause, not the main subject of the entire sentence.


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  3. OK. Thank you. What about the form of food? Do we have to use 'food' or 'foods'?

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  4. "food" is fine -- no need to pluralize it.

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  5. 1. She did her part, and the native speaker did her part. They were cooperative and did their parts properly.

    2. Teachers should make students say, act out and work together in class.

    3. The quality of a teacher's voice is important in teaching. If she shouts loudly to stop students' making noises, she may hurt her voice. In co-teaching both teaches' voices are essential.

    4. As the Korean teacher explained what the native speaker said, students have no difficulty in working with the native speaker.


    Would you check the expressions, please?
    After watching a co-teaching video, I could analyze as in the above.

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