MATH (PLease HELp)

Sally has three times as many dimes as nickels and twice as many quarters as dimes.In all she has $5.55. How many coins of each type does she have?
Let 2x=quarters
x=nickles <---- is that correct please help put

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  1. i think the answer is
    3 nickels .15
    9 dimes .90
    18 quarters 4.50
    total 5.50

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  2. It's easy enough to check.
    The numbers add up, and the values add up.

    You added wrong at the very end. 4.50 + .90 + .15 does indeed make 5.55

    However, your equations do not represent the facts:

    x = nickels
    3x = dimes
    2(3x) = 6x = quarters

    5x + 10(3x) + 25(6x) = 555
    185x = 555

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  3. Megan has three times as many quarters than nickels. She has one less dime than the number of quarters. If she has a total of $4.30, how many of each coin does she have ?

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  4. Nickels = x
    Quarters = 3x
    Dimes = 3x-1

    Plug in equation with coin values in ()...
    (5)x + (25)3x + (10)3x-1 = 430
    5x + 75x + 30x - 10 = 430
    80x + 30x - 10 = 430
    110x -10 = 430
    110x -10 +10 = 430 + 10
    110x = 440
    x = 4
    Nickels = 4 (x)
    Quarters = 12 (3x)
    Dimes = 11 (3x-1)

    4x5=20 N
    12x25=300 Q
    11x10=110 D /
    20+300+110= 430 cents \/

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