hannah morris and hannah kim are going for the top batting average in thier softball league.Today is thier last game.up to now,hannah morris had 40 hits in 149 times at bat,and hannah morris has had 37 hits in 141 times at bat.Explain how they could end the season in a tie even if they bat fewer than 5 times.also what is thier percentage in acurracy?

people please don't give me the answer. just tell me how to get the answer

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asked by jazz
  1. right now:
    Morris --> 40/149 = .268456 = .268
    Kim------> 37/141 = .262411 = .262

    for Kim make a grid with extra hits on top and extra at-bats on the side

    ........extra hits......
    1..37/142 38/142
    2..37/143 38/143 39/143
    3..37/144 38/144 39/144 40/144
    4..37/145 38/145 39/145 40/145 41/145

    notice that 38/142 = .2676 or .268

    since US baseball averages are given in 3 digits, at least that is my guess, we could conclude that Morris gets no more hits at no more at bats, and Kim gets 1 more hit at one more at bat

    You could make a similar chart for Morris and I am sure there are other percentages which become equal to 3 digits.

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    posted by Reiny

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